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Age level: Preschool, Early Elementary

Description  Spuzzle is a unique game that gets players racing to complete five puzzles first. It contains 4 sets of 5 puzzles which players are able to put together by matching the puzzle pieces to cards pulled on each turn. It’s simple to learn how to play and lots of fun for kids who love puzzles and visual activities.

Skills & Modifications: Your learner must be able to understand taking turns and complete simple 3-5 piece puzzles. With minimal modifications  this game can be made accessible to players with autism and other developmental delays.

Scanning/Matching – Upon choosing a card, the player must scan their puzzle pieces and match one to the picture on the card. It  is a great activity for practicing higher-order scanning skills.

Puzzle completion – This simple game provides an entertaining way to complete puzzles. It’s great for practicing puzzle completion for learners who are just attaining the skill, but also wonderful for young learners who are highly motivated by puzzles in the first place.

Accepting Losing Your Turn/Flexibility – If a player draws a Monkey card on their turn, they have to remove one piece of his choice from another player’s puzzle. For learners who struggle with being flexible when things don’t go their own way, this is a great way to practice the skill of accepting losing a piece of the puzzle.

Peer Play/Turn-Taking –A great game for peer play! Although everyone is working on their own puzzles, the pictures are identical, offering lots of opportunities for peers to help one another out by pointing out a piece they can use. For kids who love puzzles, this is a great opportunity to interact with peers.

A great game if you’re seeking games for kids who love puzzles and visual tasks or you are looking for unique family games.

Contains: 1 Game Board, 5 Sets of 20 Puzzle Pieces, 28 Spuzzle Cards, 1 Instruction Manual

Recommended Age: 4 to 8