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Bizarre Bookshop 2

Bizarre Bookshop 2. 1000 pieces. 69.9 x 49.7 cms. Manufactured by Ravensburger.

There are some fascinating titles just waiting to be discovered on the shelves of this very bizzare bookshop. Many may remind you of well-known works but with a quirky difference, thanks to Colin Thompson's never ending imagination. As you assemble this puzzle you'll reveal titles such as Five go Stockbroking, The Lion, The Witch and the Modern and Last Croissant in Paris. There are also curious creatures, weird windows and magical words hidden amongst the colorful tomes. Entertainment, amusement and hopefully delight await you. 

If you enjoyed Bizarre Bookshop 1 you will love this one just as much!

1000 pieces. 69.9 x 49.7 cms.