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Heavenly sunset

Heavenly Sunset. 18000 pieces. 276 x 192 cms. Manufactured by Ravensburger.

Fans of David Penfound's art love the beautiful lighting and vibrant colours of his compositions. They also adore the little details his imagination comes up with that are only noticed on the second or third viewing. These qualities make for a puzzle that is both rewarding to complete and impressive if displayed afterwards. 

With a size exceeding 276 cm x 192 cm (that's 9 feet x 6 feet 4 inches) this 18,000 piece puzzle is  exceedingly demanding. The puzzle is supplied in 4 bags and it's up to the expert puzzler to decide whether to mix the pieces together or do each section separately. 

This puzzle is not held in stock, so please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.