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Portapuzzle is a unique portable puzzle holder. Holds puzzles up to 1000 pieces. 68 x 49cms.

You will never have to worry about how to move or store complete or incomplete puzzles again.  The special lining of the Portapuzzle provides a rigid work surface. Because the Portapuzzle lining keeps the pieces firmly in place, you can assemble your puzzle at any angle. The two panels can be used as additional work surfaces. Individual pieces or sections of the puzzle can also be picked up and moved around easily. Has convenient handle, and leather look external finish.

"The portapuzzle has arrived and it is EXACTLY what I needed! I haven't been doing puzzles for several months due to 'kitten destruction' problems. But I have been enjoying doing a 1000 piece since Friday: When the cat wakes up, I just zip the puzzle away. She then sits on the portapuzzle doing no damage... "  Wendy, Wellington.