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Jigsaws from your photos

The perfect gift:

If you are looking for a very special gift, a unique way to announce a special event or a novel fundraising idea.

If you want to turn your treasured memories into hours of fun for your family and friends.

We have the answer!!

Personalised Jigsaws: Make your personal photographs into high quality jigsaw puzzles.

Announcement Jigsaws: Send us your photograph or invitation design and we will make it into a wonderful jigsaw to announce your special event. 

Corporate Jigsaws: Personalised jigsaw puzzles used in marketing campaigns are a unique way to catch people's attention when launching new companies, products or services. Flyers can be ignored or thrown away, but no one can resist assembling a jigsaw puzzle when it lands on their desk! Use your logo or product photograph, together with promotional text for a novel way to get your message across.

Fundraising jigsaws: Jigsaw puzzles are an educational, fun and creative way to raise funds for your school, pre-school, charity or community group with minimum organization.

Team Building: Use jigsaw puzzles to help team members to communicate, help each other, negotiate, work together to solve a problem, trust each other and discover how much the team members need each other. Puzzles are low cost, easy to use and fun to do. You can team build with small groups or large, and the only space required are tables.

Can't find what you are looking for? Can't find the size, shape or number of pieces for the puzzle you want made? Email us, outlining the size and number of pieces you would like in your puzzle. We will be happy to discuss your requirements with you, and may be able to help. Email: .

3 simple steps:

1. Click on your choice of puzzle below

2. Click the upload button in the product page to upload your file

3. Click add to cart once upload is complete and follow the checkout process.

We'll do the rest.

A problem? Just email us - we'll be happy to help

30 pieces

30 pieces 10 x 15 cms (4 x 6 ins - post card size)


40 pieces

40 pieces 13 x 18 cms (5 x 7 ins)


100 Pieces

100 pieces 20 x 30 cms (8 x 12 ins - standard A4 size)