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Mindfulness: Sunset

Mindfulness: Sunset. 500 pieces 457mm x 610mm. Manufactured by Hinkler

Mindfulness 500pc Jigsaw Puzzle: Sunset Mindfulness 500-Piece jigsaws feature beautiful images from around the wrold, especially designed to captivate and challenge the mind, one piece at a time. Each jigsaw includes a pamphlet featuring techniques from renowned neuroscientist Dr Stan Rodski has over 20 years of experience focusing on peak performance and brain science research. These techniques will help consumers harness the power of science to enhance their brains while having fun. Incorporating these praftices while enjoying this spectacular jigsaw will help everyone find fun, new ways to solve the puzzle, and, more importantly, will create brain food for neural connections and a healthier brian. Product Dimensions: 457mm x 610mm